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Crystal Sprinkled Silicone Mold Coaster Holder

Crystal Sprinkled Silicone Mold Coaster Holder

Обычная цена £19.85 GBP
Обычная цена £19.85 GBP Цена со скидкой £19.85 GBP
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Add a touch of elegance to your resin crafting with our silicone mold stand sprinkled with small crystals for Gesmonite, gypsum or resin. This uniquely designed stand not only enhances your crafting space but also provides a practical and stylish way to display your molds. The shimmering crystals add a hint of sparkle, making it a beautiful addition to your workspace. Elevate your resin projects with this eye-catching silicone mold stand that is sure to impress.

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