Working with silicone molds is not difficult. But in this area, as in most others, it is important to know some subtleties and nuances. What to pay attention to when pouring epoxy resin into such molds:
    1. The mold must be clean and dry.

    Only in this case the surface of the casting will look perfect.

          2.Before starting work, the mold should be placed on a flat surface,to avoid uneven filling.
          3.The resin should be stirred thoroughly, trying to avoid bubbles in the resin unless they are part of your design idea.

          4. After adding a hardener to the epoxy, you have at least 10-15 minutes,to fill it in mold.
          5. When using complex molds, which include a large number of parts, vibrating tables are used in production. With their help, the filler is evenly distributed in the form, and the detailing of the finished product is high. 
          6. If the potting compound is to be colored, the pigment is added to the resin after it has been mixed with the hardener. The mass will not harden in the mold if the dye is not thoroughly mixed.