Hello !

I'm Tatiana - the creator of unique silicone molds! ⠀

I began my journey into the world of silicone molds 2 years ago, and quickly noticed a lack of unique molds, crystal molds, silicone molds for candle holders, and more. ⠀

Deciding to fill this gap, I began to create my own products. ⠀

Having gone a long way to create the ideal quality, a lot of effort, energy and time have been spent. ⠀

Each mold I create is unique and handcrafted. It has not only a beautiful appearance, but also the highest quality, which guarantees the reliability and durability of each product created with its help. ⠀

I really love my job and work with great passion on each new form. ⠀

In my store you will find not only the high quality of work, but also a friendly attitude towards customers and sincere participation in every project. ⠀