The most effective way to remove bubbles is with a gas burner!

And now we'll tell you why 🙂The bubbles are removed from the resin by heating the resin, they simply burst. With a torch, this happens in a second. It is enough to run the torch with a small flame over the resin and no traces of bubbles are left at all. You only need to do this a couple of times, right after you finish and about 10 minutes later, because some of the bubbles may take a little longer to come out.

BUT, "there is still a hair dryer!" say you 🙂 .

And we'll tell you that a hair dryer certainly looks safer, but it works much worse. A household hair dryer is more likely to blow your pattern than remove bubbles. And a construction blow dryer will heat too much!

The beauty of a burner is the ability to get the perfect result quickly, efficiently, and spot on!

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